Hempel 599 Epoxy Sealer 5L

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Hempels 599 Epoxy Sealer is a low viscosity, two pack epoxy varnish with good
penetration properties.

Used on Bare wood/plywood where a sealer is needed to be left as is or followed by an epoxy/ fibreglass layered system. When applied to bare wood it soaks in to the fibres sealing and densifying the outer layer and creates a great bond for subsequent coatings. Thinned 20% for first coat, unthinned 2nd and subsequent coats. Can be overcoated while still tacky to create a chemical bond between itself and subsequent coatings. Can be coated with other epoxy and polyurethane coatings. Great for sealing decorative wood before applying a 2 component clear polyurethane.

Also used as a sealer for ferro cement hulls and concrete floors. Must be applied in such an amount that the surface is just saturated. The surface
should not appear “glossy” in any way.

Concrete floors need to be cleaned free from dirt/dust and degreased/washed before application of sealer. Maybe neccessary to wirebrush/grind concrete to get rid of any surface contaminants.

Colour: Clear (yellow tinge)

Thinner: Hempels 845 thinners

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