Hempel Epoxy light primer 1L

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HEMPEL’S LIGHT PRIMER 45551 is a two-component polyamide adduct cured epoxy high build paint. It forms a hard and tough coating resistant to water and petroleum products. A great easy sanding primer with good chaulking qualities.

Use as a primer under and above the water line on boats made of aluminium, glass fibre reinforced polyester, plywood and steel. Also for prevention and repair of osmotic blistering in the glass fibre reinforced polyester, and for protection of keels and rudders.

Previous coats:      Hempels epoxy light primer / Hempel Quattro epoxy primer

Subsequent coats:     Hempel 55100 polyurethane / Hempel Antifouling

Can be applied by airless spray, conventional spray, air assist spray , roller and brush.

Thinned with hempel 845 thinners

Colour: Off White

Epoxy light primer data sheetEpoxy Light Primer Data sheet  







Epoxy light primer application instructionsApplication Instructions


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